The dog bed: how, where and why  

When a dog arrives in a new house, it’s important for you to think about where to put the dog bed right away.

Unfortunately, not everybody understands that the location of the dog bed is critical. I’ve made mistakes myself when I took Argos home. And when you have a dog that is difficult to manage like Argos, thinking about where to place the dog bed is even more important.

Where to put the dog bed

Dog bed - Just My Dog
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Where you decide to place the dog bed is important because the bed is where the dog rests night and day. It should be considered a sacred place so that the dog can rest without disturbances. A well-thought-of location for the dog bed helps create a calm environment, which is essential for all dogs especially those that are hyperactive or reactive.

The dog bed should be placed in a secluded area of your home, but don’t isolate him from the family life. It should not be near a passage, like a door or a hallway. You should also pay attention to radiators and windows, to avoid placing your dog near something that’s too hot or too cold. Ideally, avoid placing the dog bed near the entrance of your home, because this would give your dog the wrong impression: by choosing this place its’ like you’re telling the dog to guard the house. But while this is what some people think dogs should do, this could also cause your dog to bark and growl at every guest! Moreover, there are dogs that simply not built to be guard dogs and when you ask them to do this, this can create an emotional crisis. For example, I’m not a MasterChef and if someone asks me to cook for a group dinner, I might have a panic attack!

There is also the option of giving your dog more than one bed, as long as they meet the criteria I’ve discussed.

dog bed - Just My Dog
skeeze / Pixabay

My personal experience

These are the general rules for finding the perfect spot for your dog’s bed. But when you have to deal with a particular dog like Argos, you should always consider others things. For one, Argos’ bed is always in a separated room which can be closed off. Argos controls spaces and if he were free to walk through the house, he would likely sit in the middle of the hallway preventing people and dogs from moving around. This obstruction could become dangerous in the blink of an eye. However, when we are alone (like now), I can leave him free safely: with just one human he hasn’t this controlling behavior.

If you have some questions, let me know by writing in the comments section and we can try to solve the problem together.




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