The interactive walk: a dog activity for everyone

The interactive walk, a good idea

Anyone who’s ever engaged in sports with dogs knows that it’s an amazing activity. But for special dogs, such as hyperactive, old, or reactive dogs, sports is difficult to do.

That’s why I want to talk to you about something that Argos really loves: the interactive walk.
An interactive walk is different from simply walking. It means to move also downtown, during your normal walk. Argos and I try to make every walk as interactive or dynamic as possible, to avoid monotony.
We try to use every possible opportunity that the urban landscape offers during an interactive walk. The city’s benches, walls, bike parking areas, trees, and poles are great tools for the dog to have fun!

Interactive walking strengthens my bond with Argos, without asking too much of him. Of course, I need to find places with few people because crowded places scare him and make him uncomfortable.

For a good interactive walk, you should find the right place for your dog’s unique personality. I’ve found a small lush, green area, (the same place where these photos were taken): there’s only a few people, sometimes completely empty during certain times of the day, there are natural “obstacles” to use and with some imagination we find entertainment instead of just walking quickly through it.

interactive walk - Just My Dog

The tools for an interactive walk

There are no particular instruments needed for an interactive walk, but it’s recommended to use a long leash and to equip your dog with a harnessSince the activity requires movement, avoid areas with traffic, to prevent the risk of danger. Bring some water for your dog especially during summer, because he’s going to get exercise and will need to hydrate. Last but not least, leave your inhibitions at home and have some fun!

Keep following my blog! Stay tuned for a little guide I’m working on about what to do during an interactive walk.


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