Get rid of the dog: the solution

Getting rid of the dog to solve the problem

If I had a euro every time someone told me I had to get rid of my dog, well, I’d be a millionaire now. Or maybe a billionaire.

Because this was the most simple solution that everyone had in mind.

“Get rid of that dog, he’s crazy.”

But I promised him I would take care of him.

I accepted the responsibility when I adopted him. Well, at that time, I did not know what the responsibility would entail, but honestly, who can really knows what responsibilities lie in our future? ?

So I held on, I tried to understand that strange dog, that dog that a moment before wags his tail and then he growls furiously. I tried looking for solutions and explanations. I made mistakes. I cried. I felt like I could no longer take it, but I never gave up.

I get you, I know how you feel when the dog you truly love does not give you his love back – or this is what you believe. Maybe, if you look closer, you’ll see that somehow, in his own way, that dog is grateful.

He’s grateful that you are still trying, that you did not put him to sleep.

Maybe the problem will never be solved: I honestly cannot say to have the solution. Argos has and always will have problems that can’t be solved. But Argos and I, we have reached a balance in our relationship, and this balance is enough. Because we learned how to be happy with what we have and I learned to accept him as he is.

I think that this is the big secret: acceptance. I accepted the limitation of my dog, his crazy behavior, I accepted my life and all its imperfections

This is our story: what’s yours?

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