3 tips to properly use the dog park

Many dog owners are convinced that the dog park is always a good idea. As an owner of a “special” dog and a dog educator, I would like to advise you to read two very interesting articles that discuss the issue, offering us interesting alternatives.

Two points of view of dog parks

In a good article published on Thinkdog , Irene Donegana (you can translate it with Google Translator if you don’t speak Italian) wonders whether the dog’s areas are really appreciated by our four-legged friends. In fact, not all dogs love to stay in these closed and full of other dogs areas, but not all owners realize it. Someone because is easier, someone because doesn’t give enough attention to their dogs, someone for a thousand of others reasons, there are owners that tend to prefer the standard home-park-home walk to something different. For example, Argos is a really selective dog and he likes to socialize only with some dogs, so we use the dog area just in some cases.

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For this reason, it is also interesting to read the article by Alex Andes posted on Positively. Very synthetically, they recommend 4 interesting alternatives to the dog park to really entertain our dog (and have fun with him). Hiking, games or organized meetings with friends can be much more interesting than an hour in the usual dog area. When I have the time to do it, I go walking in the country, to enjoy my dog and the silence: it’s really therapeutic.

So, here’s what you could start doing to change your walks:


  • Observe your dog – you will not need too much to understand what he likes or does not like: you will reduce your problems and you will be more comfortable yourself.


  • Use dog parks – but with good sense: you do not have to go there every day twice a day! Also, always evaluate whether the dogs that are already present (or arriving) are right as “friend” for your dog.


  • Experiment alternatives – you may find that going on a hike or in the countryside is not a bad idea!


So, are you ready to change your old habits and try something different to do with your dog? Do not wait yet, he is definitely ready for the challenge!

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