5 games to play with the dog in autumn

Autumn can be hard for dog lovers! Here 5 games to play with the dog

Autumn is the season of rain, falling leaves, and sweaters. I personally love this season because of the colors it brings, and because it makes the heat of summer just a memory in my mind. But from a dog lover’s perspective, sometimes autumn can be challenging.

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Outdoor Games


Autumn Olfactory Search

One of the games I love playing with Argos is the olfactory search. This task requires some structure and planning, so I suggest to start with a simple search. I recommend watching this short but useful video of Angelo Vaira – the video is in Italian but it’s very clear. Autumn is a good time to make use of what nature offers to present exciting challenges for your dog, such as the leaves, soil, tree branches, and everything else you can imagine.


Playing With Leaves

It may seem like a simple game, but you don’t always have to turn to educational or difficult games. Playing with leaves simply entails accumulating leaves, but you have to play too! If your dog sees that you are having fun, he’ll get the idea and have fun too! Feel free to dive into it, jump into it, and throw leaves around – just like how kids play with leaves or in the snow.


Indoor Games
games to play with your dog - Just My Dog
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Olfactory searches also work inside a home or a building. As the search outside, this game requires some exercise to be done step by step. However, searching is also ideal for playing inside since it doesn’t require too much movement and can also help calm the dog down. Hide prizes around the house that can easily be found by your dog. Start the search by enabling him to see you, then switch things up by going around different rooms or doing things where he doesn’t see you. Don’t be afraid to try this game even if your dog has vision problems because they will use their nose to come up with the solution.

The Kong

The Kong is one of the best games to play with the dog! If you don’t know what is the Kong, well, your life is about to change. It’s the perfect game for an afternoon or a rainy autumn day. I’ll dedicate another blog post to this in the future, since it’s one of the toys that all dogs should have. The Kong is also a great game for senior dogs since it allows them to have fun and enjoy without getting tired. It’s also a way of feeding them in a different manner. Argos loves the Kong and has become really good at playing it!


Mind Activation Games

You’ve probably heard of mental activation or stimulation games in the past. These games stimulate your dog to encourage him to learn new things. These games are available in pet shops but they can also be done using homemade tools, such as a tube of toilet paper, an empty milk bottle, or an empty can of potato chips. Hide some exciting food prizes inside these containers and encourage your dog to sniff them out; it will keep him busy for a while. However, it’s always good to guard your dog while he plays because he may end up breaking cardboards or other things and in that case, it will be necessary to intervene.


If you have suggestions for other games to play with the dog in autumn or questions, write them in the comments!

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