Why it’s not a good idea to give a dog for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and like every year I tremble at the idea that someone will decide to surprise a family member and give a dog. I think there are many reasons why it is not a good idea to give a dog for Christmas, but I just want to focus on two.

First of all, a dog is not an object. A dog is a living being with feelings and needs and the idea that it can be used to surprise and please someone is terrible, especially if this is a child. What teaching would it get? That a dog is just an object, a new toy.

Secondly, a dog changes your life. It changes the routine, he needs to be cared and guided by the owner. It is unthinkable to give this responsibility to someone who has not decided it independently. Even in this case, if it’s a child who “receives” the dog, are actually his parents who take responsibility for taking care of the newly arrived. So if you are thinking of giving your child a dog for Christmas, you should also know that it will be up to you to take him out, teach him the rules, take care of him. Do you have time (and the will to do it)? If the answer is no, Trudi makes some spectacular stuffed animals.

give a dog for Christmas
Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Finally, if you decided together with the whole family that it’s the right time to introduce a new component and you are aware that you will have to take care of it, then remember one of the many shelters near or far. There are dogs just waiting for a chance and maybe, just a few Christmas ago, they were chosen to be someone’s gift, and then sadly dumped in a shelter when that someone got bored with his gift.

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