Dogs and fireworks: some easy guidelines to follow

In this time of the year, dog owners find themselves fighting with the usual problem: fireworks.

Dogs and fireworks are not big friends. If for a few lucky dogs it’s not a big deal, for most of them they are a real tragedy. Even Argos suffers a lot from the noise caused by fireworks (as indeed any other noise) but I have adopted systems to minimize the inconvenience.

  • The dog must stay inside the house. For the whole day of December 31th, I never leave Argos outside. We go out for short walks, just for his needs and then back home. A scared dog is a danger to himself and to others.


  • At home, I prepare a safe corner. I close the windows of his room and put there the kennel so that he can hide safely inside of it. It’s important to create for your dog a safe and comfortable place, considering his habits.


  • Finally, I turn on the radio or the TV, so that the sound partially cover the noise that comes from outside.

Argos is really afraid of noises in general, but with these little and simple steps, we can get to January 1st (almost) intact.

Some other advice

In addition to following these simple strategies, do not to exaggerate with pampering. It is one of the most common mistakes made by the owners, without realizing that if you comfort your dog excessively, it is like confirmed that there is something to worry about. Never ever leave the dog outside. Hundreds of dogs are injured or lost each year because of the fear caused by New Year’s fireworks. Last, try to not be worried: our dogs feel our emotions and they can be influenced by them.

Those are few simple steps that you can use to make the New Year’s Eve the less traumatic for your dog. Do you have other advice?

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