How To Use The Kong: Here The 3 Best Ways

If you have never given your dog the Kong it’s time to do it because it is definitely one of the most interesting games you can find!

At first glance, the Kong does not seem to be anything special: it is nothing but a plastic hollow object. But its simplicity is also its strength. Its cavity can be filled with all kinds of treats, to entertain your dog and keep him busy. It’s a kind of canine “crossword”! Like all games, you need to know how to use the Kong.

It is a perfect game for all dogs, perfect to be used for educational activities. Depending on the characteristics of your dog, it can be used in several ways: here are 3 mini guides on how to use the Kong.

How to use the Kong -Just My Dog
Some examples of Kong: Classic (red), Extreme (black) Puppy (blue). You can find all Kong’s product at
Use Kong to relax the dog

By inserting something soft inside the Kong, such as pâté, it is possible to use this pastime to relax the dog. A slice of soft cheese -as long as your dog does not bother with dairy products!- well positioned, a portion of tasty meat pâté or something prepared by you, is the perfect element to fill the Kong. The dog, attracted by the smell, will lick the game thoroughly, clearing the tasty “surprise”. Used in this way, the Kong becomes perfect for all hyperactive dogs who need to work on the calm.

Use Kong to engage the dog

Kong is the ideal game to keep the dog engaged. We must proceed gradually, first making it easy to solve, and then more and more harder. In this way, the dog gradually learns how to use the new game and will always be interested in it. If the Kong is too complicated and cannot be resolved, the dog could abandon it. This can also undermine his self-esteem. A commitment commensurate with its abilities can be perfect to increase the self-esteem of the dog.

Use the Kong to slow down the dog’s meal

Some dogs consume their meal too quickly, swallowing the food without even chewing. This behavior can result from negative experiences in the past, the fear of losing it or even over-excitement. That’s why you can use the Kong to slow down the meal: both with the croquettes and with other types of food, the dog will be forced to eat a little at a time, improving digestion and learning to eat without anxiety.

Argos loves the Kong and has understood that it can be used in different ways depending on what it contains. At first, I was advised to fill it with something he wasn’t able to eat, but I soon realize that the game could not work this way. Argos was frustrated by not being able to take the prize and there were no positive effects: on the contrary, he became more nervous (obviously!). So I started using it differently, making sure that the dog could find satisfaction in the game. Now I use it often, both at home and away from home and I couldn’t live without it!


Do you still have questions about how to use the Kong? Write me in the comment!

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