Bocconcini Canini: recipes and ideas to spoil (all) dogs

Forget for a moment the problems of your dog: as I told you in another post, defocusing relieves tensions and can help you see things from another perspective.

There is one thing that many dogs have in common: they may be scared, hyperactive, shy, reactive or balanced, but most of our four-legged friends love food.

Saying that Argos loves food is not enough, it is better to say that he venerate it. For him, a food reward is the best he can have. That’s why I thought to make him a gift and try one of’s recipes.

My top 3 of Bocconcini Canini’s recipes

I must say that I’m a terrible chef, but with Chiara’s recipes, I made it to prepare something good! Bocconcini Canini (literally “Doggy Bites”) is an Italian website, but you can easily translate the recipes with Google Translator, as they are very easy to follow. For example, these carrot crackers are really simple (and delicious!)

Bocconcini Canini - Just My Dog

If you really want to hit the target, here is Chiara’s ace in the hole: the biscuits with sausage. Personally, I do not know a dog that does not love sausages and thanks to the recipe of Bocconcini Canini you will always have with you a convenient, healthy and tasty biscuit, perfect also to be used as an educational reward! In addition, they are really easy to make: you will need just 3 ingredients and a few minutes of work.

Bocconcini Canini - Just My Dog

Don’t forget that nutrition has an important role in our dogs’ behavior: according to what they eat, their psychological balance can vary. As for us humans, products such as chamomile or valerian can have calming effects, even for dogs they may work. I have to say “may” because not all dogs are the same and not all react in the same way. I’m going to try the chamomile biscuits, who knows, maybe a little help from Mother Nature can be more effective than a thousand of chemical remedies!

Follow Chiara also on Instagram, you will want to start cooking!

Thanks to Bocconcini Canini for the photos!

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