How to teach the dog to be alone

Not only shy and insecure dogs, but also dogs that suffer from other behavioral issues, may have problems facing loneliness. Learning to be at home alone is an essential skill for the dog: as much as we would like, we cannot be together 24 hours a day.

Teaching the dog to be alone requires time and perseverance. For some dogs, it will be easier, for others it will always be very difficult, but there are some tricks that we can use to teach the dog to be alone.

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A calm dog has fewer problems being alone

First of all, it is necessary to work on the calm of the dog: being able to calm down in his bed means being able to do something by himself, without constantly following the owner. This is why it is very important to teach the dog to be calm from the beginning so that he can understand that being alone is not so impossible.

Together, but not constantly

Before pretending to teach the dog to be alone, we need to make sure that when we are together, he isn’t obsessed with our presence – and us by him! If the dog follows us in all the rooms, always, it means that he cannot be alone for a moment. You can work on this very easily: when you enter a room, you can close the door, preventing the dog from following you. In this way, the dog will understand that there are spaces to be respected and that he cannot follow the owner all day.

Alone I’m not bored!

When the dog has to be alone, we should prepare some special toys for him. This way, he will associate loneliness with something extremely positive. Basically, we leave him something to do to avoid boredom and to enjoy himself. For this purpose, you can use the Kong or similar games, bones to munch or other toys that are of great value to your dog. Argos loves food, so I leave something tasty to eat or the Kong (or both!)

Alone yes, but not too much

Finally, I would like to say a few words about loneliness: a dog can learn how to be alone, but we must not abuse this ability. You can leave him alone while at work, while you have your errands to run, but never forget that if you have your work, your friends and family, the gym and many other things, your dog has only you. So, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the solitude is never the rule, but a small parenthesis between many activities you and your dog make together.

What about your dog? Tell me your experience in the comment section!

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