Running with the dog? Sure, but do it the right way

Running with the dog or cycling with him can be a great temptation, but you must learn to do it the right way, respecting the needs of our four-legged friend. Here are some tips.


Running with the dog, as long as he’s free

It’s a beautiful sunny day and you feel fine. Why don’t go jogging? And maybe why don’t take your dog with you? Great idea, but take a minute to think about that.

I see too many dogs dragged by owners who do not care at all to consider that for the dog don’t care to, jog as we understand it. Indeed, it is a real torture! Being constantly pulled, having to run following our speed without being able to stop even to pee, sniff a blade of grass. How much can it be really fun? How much the experience that the poor dog does, will be classified as bad – not to say horrible?

run with the dog - Just My Dog

For this reason, I believe that the only way to run with the dog respecting its needs is to do it with the dog free from the leash. It is true that in many areas, this is not allowed, so I would advise you not to do it at all. Go jogging alone, leave the dog at home and when you return dedicated some time to him too: this way, you will both be satisfied.

If instead, you have the opportunity to run in an area where the dog can be free without creating problems for you or for others, then remember to do it gradually. Start working on the bond with your dog, teach him to come back when you call him and when these skills are well acquired, then you can enjoy a nice jog together, satisfying for both of you.


And the bicycle?

run with the dog - Just My Dog

The same precautions must be taken when you decide to go for a bike ride with the dog. Even in this case – perhaps even more given the higher speed – the dog must be free and not obliged to run tied to your bike, without being able to stop.

Besides being something extremely unnatural for him, it can also become a very dangerous thing for you. The dog can suddenly pull because attracted by something, like another dog. Falling from a racing bike and being dragged by a dog is not pleasant at all.


Have you ever tried to run or ride a bike with your dog? Tell me about your experiences!