Natural remedies for behavioral problems: our experience

Some weeks ago, I wrote an article for Inspiring Tails about the use of natural remedies for behavior problems.

Today I want to deepen the topic by sharing my direct experience. I don’t want to give a judgment on the remedies I will mention, just a testimony of the experience I had using them with Argos.

Australian Flowers: effective in the short-term

The Australian flowers are a mix of flowers and herbs from the famous Australian “bush” and resemble the most famous Bach flowers, but they are used in a more specific way. For example, Agitation & Calm is useful for dogs that are agitated, stressed or obsessive; Aggressive, on the other hand, can help to reduce the conflicts between the dog and the others, both in case aggression manifests itself against other dogs or against people. There is also a mix of Australian flowers that help the dog to concentrate during training: it is called Training & Education and is useful both for normal educational activities and in the case of sporting activities or specific training.

Some say that Australian flowers are even more powerful and useful, especially in the most difficult cases. In any case, they can also be used at the same time as Bach flowers.

Following the advice of the veterinary behaviorist who is working with Argos, I gave him a mix of Agitation & Calm and Aggressive, continuing with behavioral therapy. For the first few weeks, I noticed an improvement in its general conditions. However, over time, it seemed to me that the positive effect of the remedy diminished and for this (in agreement with the Doctor) I decided to suspend it.

In any case, it is a treatment that I recommend, it can be useful for obtaining better results with behavioral therapy.

Valerian extract, for the acute phases

In addition to the Australian flowers, I tried for Argos the extract of Valerian, to be used in case of particularly stressful situations. If I have noticed any improvement in Australian Flowers, at least in the short-term, I am very sorry to admit that with the Valerian Argos has not had a positive experience.

I used it during a trip, a moment that is very stressful for Argos. Certainly, I did not expect him to spend it sleeping relaxed, but at least he could find a minimum of quiet. Instead, he behaved as if he was not treated and so I reluctantly admit that this treatment is in no way useful for him.

Zylkene, for changes

Another product that can be useful in case of stressful situations or during periods of transition and change (such as a move) is Zylkene, derived from casein, a protein in milk.

I tried this product both with Argos and with Artù, another of my dogs that, especially when he was young, had some behavior problems (I talked about him here).

Even in this case, unfortunately, I must say that the result was not enough, neither with Artù nor with Argos.

I would like to highlight that, in all cases, it is important not to do it yourself, but to be guided by an expert on the subject, better if it is a behavioral veterinarian. Furthermore, the efficacy can vary considerably depending on the situations and the subjects involved and therefore the therapy must be carefully monitored and also associated with a behavioral therapy, to obtain the best results.

I would like to know your experiences about any natural remedies for behavioral problems that you have used, whether they have been successful or not. I await your comments!