How to feed the dog: advice for all dogs

We can make several mistakes when we have to feed the dog. Here you can find some simple tips enjoy the moment of the meal in the right way.


Some common mistakes about dogs and food

How should we feed the dog? We all do or have done mistakes! Some are errors that don’t have serious consequences, while others can bring to real behavioral problems.

THE FOOD IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE: leaving the bowl of food always full “because the dog can eat when he is hungry” is definitely wrong. Food is a resource and for this reason, can push the dog – even the quietest one! – to protect it. Furthermore, letting the dog decide independently when in time to eat can give him a wrong hint of its social position, letting him think that he’s on the top.

TO EAT RIGHT AFTER THE WALK: this behavior can lead to serious diseases such as the terrible gastric torsion of the stomach. Ask your vet!

GIVE FOOD FROM OUR PLATE: if the dog gets used to receiving food, he will also learn to ask for it: this could turn out to be annoying, especially if you are having dinner outside your home. Moreover, it’s not just a behavior that can be annoying to manage, but it’s also a problem concerning the kind of food that the dog receives. We eat food that is not often suitable for our dogs because it is too salty, too sweet or too tasty. The fact that the dog appreciates it doesn’t mean that it’s also healthy!

DO NOT RESPECT THE SPACES AT THE TIME OF THE MEAL: surely you have that friend who suggests you put your hand in the bowl of the dog to make him understand who is “the boss”. This is a system as old as it is wrong. It’s all about respect of the dog’s spaces: yes, he deserves respect too. And putting the hand in its bowl or breathing down his neck while eating will not make you look like a good leader, but it could be a cause for tension and even reaction.


Advice on how to feed the dog in the best way

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So, how should we feed the dog? Well, the moment of the meal is a very important moment, a real ritual. It’s the moment when we take care of our dogs, feed them and in which they have the chance to appreciate this aspect of our bond.

The ideal would be to let the dog assist in the preparation: it’s an activity that can be done together, creating a bond. Then, it would be perfect to feed the dog in a quiet area: even the dog is entitled to moments of privacy. You can place the bowl on the ground and go away, letting the dog enjoy his meal. Then, after 15-20 minutes, you should go back to remove the bowl. If the dog hasn’t finished everything, don’t worry, he will eat at the next opportunity. Take away unfinished food is one of the ways to solve the appetite problems that many dogs have. It’s advisable to remove the bowl even if the dog hasn’t eaten at all. In many cases, in fact, it’s not about lack of hunger or non-appreciation of the food, but a control behavior on the resource.